Initiation Process – Baptized but Uncatechized

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults  – The Baptized Uncatechized

(includes children of catechetical age)







Period of the Precatechumenate
# 36 – 40
of  faith
Introduce the God revealed by Jesus; help connect personal stories to the Christian story through focus on the Scripture especially the Gospels; surface questions; embrace a lifestyle as God intends; meet the Christian community already doing this.
Must be determined individually, based upon what level of faith and knowledge the candidate brings to the community.
See  “Discerning the Appropriate Path” chart.
None specified
The Rite of Welcoming the candidates is celebrated after prayerful discernment among pastor, catechists and candidate,
resulting in the determination that the candidate is ready to move into a period of deeper formation (see US 400 – 415 / CAN 376 –  386).
Period of the Catechumenate
# 75 – 80
Deepening awareness of the rights and responsibilities of Baptism as lived out in the Catholic community
Introduce the uniquely Catholic ways of approaching the Word and of Catholic teaching, accommodated to the liturgical year.
Apprentice with the community,  paying particular attention to the uniquely Catholic expressions such as the Mass, other prayer forms, and devotional practices.
Engage the Catholic community through parish involvement, Catholic organizations (local and national), and smaller circles of communion in the parish such as committees.
Engage in the works of charity and justice within the Catholic community.
Cannot be determined ahead of time.  Each candidate’s journey must be discerned individually.
See  “Discerning the Appropriate Path” chart.
US: Celebrations of the word of God.
Rite of Sending for Recognition by the Bishop and for the Call to Continuing Conversion (US 434)
CAN: Celebration of God’s Word (CAN 488)
Prayers for Strength (CAN 490)
Prayers of Blessing (CAN 492)
Already baptized candidates should not take part in rites intended for catechumens
(US – NS 31).
The Rite of Calling the Candidates for Continuing Conversion/ To Lenten Renewal is celebrated after prayerful discernment, resulting in the determination that the candidate is ready to be received into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church.  In communities where there are no catechumens, the Call to Continuing Conversion stands alone (US 447).  In the United States, it can be combined with the Rite of Election where there are both catechumens and candidates (US 547).  In Canada, there are no combined rites.
Period of Purification and Enlightenment
US 138 – 140
CAN 125 – 127
To join with the faith community in its Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in preparing to renew baptismal promises.
Interior reflection, examination of conscience, communal Lenten prayer, joining in the faith community’s fasts, sharing intentionally in the community’s almsgiving.
Six weeks: usually coinciding with Lent.
Penitential Rite
US 291 / CAN 522
Other possible rites:  US 407 / CAN 510ff
Reception into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church is celebrated when it has been discerned that doctrinal and spiritual preparation is complete.
(US 473, 477 / CAN 387, 391)
Period of Postbaptismal Catechesis or Mystagogia
US 244 – 251 CAN 234 – 241
Catholic Christian
Growing with the community by meditation on the Gospel, sharing in the Eucharist and doing the work of charity and justice.
Reflection on the celebration of the sacraments, breaking open the Easter gospels, and continuing the works of charity and justice.
From reception into full communion to Pentecost (or for 50 days after reception).
Sunday Eucharist