Webinars 2010-2013

Forum hosted a variety of topics that were also offered for sale at the time.  At this time, these are no longer available.

Webinar titles:

  • Evangelizing Parish: Embracing the Vision, Getting the Passion with Jim Schellman
  • Learning by Doing: RCIA and the Apprenticeship Model of Formation with Jerry Galipeau
  • Who Belongs on Your Parish RCIA Team: A fresh look and forming and preparing the initiation team with Catherine Ecker
  • Identifying, Preparing and Nurturing Sponsors for the RCIA with Ron Lewinski
  • Implementing the RCIA with Young Adults with Michelle Miller
  • Marriage and Recurring Canonical Issues in Christian Initiation with Patrick Lagges
  • Roman Missal Changes in the Easter Vigil with Paul Turner
  • Mystagogy: A Catholic Approach to Living the Christian Life  with Ron Oakham
  • Discernment: Listening to God in Initiation & Parish Ministry with Donna Steffen, SC
  • RCIA with Children and Implications for All Sacramental Initiation with Children with Rita Burns Senseman
  • Making Christian Initiation Rural and Small-Town Friendly with Michael Clay
  • The Presentation of the Creed & the Lord’s Prayer: Handing on the Traditions of the Church with Paul Turner
  • The New Evangelization and Revitalizing the RCIA with Karen Kane
  • Catechizing the Catechumens with Andrew Casad
  • Putting on Christ: An Introduction to the Rites of the Catechumenate  with Rory Cooney